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Rostov Grain Star


Is a prominent leader in the agribusiness; specializing in trading of animal feed grains

such as feed corn, feed barely, feed wheat; and essential human food grains commodities such as milling
wheat, soybean, rape seeds; and also wheat our.

Since its inception, Rostov Grain Star has witnessed unmatched growth fulled by an active foreign
investment strategy, establishing various acquisitions and joint ventures with specialized food and feed
producers worldwide.


Free Consultant

Before we want to promote our products, we offer you a free consultant about the best possible option about your product demand.

High Quality Products

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The quality of agricultural products are the most important factor for purchasing these products, we guarantee the quality of our products.

How Rostov Grain Star can assist you?


We are ready and able to offer you the best possible grains price based on market price, but not fictitious price!
Our suggestion to new customers before contacting us is that to update themselves with the market price, otherwise we do not response to inquiries which are not based on the real market price.

Purpose: To be a leader in the food and animal feed grain products supplying by providing enhanced services, relationship and portability.

Vision: To provide quality products and services that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.
Mission Statement: To build long term relationships with our customers and business partners and providing stability and exceptional customer services from initial to analyzing of transactions.

Core Values: To treat our customers with respect, dignity and faith. To grow through our customers’ advice, and suggestions. To integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functions.

Goals: To further develop our sourcing capabilities for key products in the agriculture industry through vetted sources and develop our relationship with our customers and present them with future opportunities. To build good reputation in the field of grain products market; In conclusion, become a
key player in the industry.

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